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Giving Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Pledge?

A pledge is your commitment of the amount of money you will give to St. John’s during 2020, usually in monthly installments, but can also be giving in a lump sum once a year or however benefits your cash flow. It is your way of affirming your membership at St. John’s and your expression of gratitude to God for all that has been given to you.

Why is My Pledge Important to St. John's?

Nothing that happens here would be possible without your generous financial support. Our operating budget is based entirely on the amount of pledges we receive each year. We do not receive financial support from the Diocese, the National Episcopal Church or any other entity. Instead, every penny used to support our lives together here comes from each of us, primarily in the form of our annual pledges.



I Give Money in the Plate Each Week. Isn’t That Enough?

We are grateful for the generosity of all who donate during the weekly offertory. It is a wonderful way for visitors to show their support for our beautiful church. But, as Members of St. John’s, we are called to make an annual pledge, and it’s a powerful affirmation of our gratitude to God and our support of this wonderful church community.

Pledging also enables us to prepare our annual operating budget, as it gives us a good picture of what our finances will be for the year. With your pledge commitment, St. John’s is able to plan its efforts to help change the world.

What Should I Consider Pledging?

This is a personal decision, to be made between you, your partner and God. It’s one we invite you to prayerfully discern during this season of Stewardship. What does St. John’s mean to you? How generous can you be? What changes could you make to your own budget to support St. John’s budget and support the work we do? What are you prepared to give back to God and his people in gratitude for all that has been given to you?

What is Proportional Giving?

Proportional Giving is the act of intentionally designating a portion of your annual income as your pledge to St. John’s. The biblical standard of a tithe is 10%, and there are numerous members of St. John’s who practice tithing.

Many others set a different percentage, with the goal of increasing that amount a percentage point or two each year. Regardless of the percentage, the key aspect of Proportional Giving is that it is intentional – you analyze your income and determine the percentage you will give to the work of St. John’s.

The below chart shows monthly pledge amounts at different income levels and giving percentages as an idea.












What is Sacrificial Giving?

Sacrificial Given is the act of intentionally giving up some disposable “luxury” in your life, for the purpose of redirecting that money to the work of St. John’s. It is a personal decision, to be made in prayerful discernment, and is not meant to place an overwhelming burden on your budget. It is meant to remind us of what we are giving and our gratitude to God.

For example, consider the cost of your daily Starbucks – is that something you would be willing to give up and direct to your pledge? Can your clothing budget be reduced? Do you have an unused gym membership that could be redirected to a pledge to St. John’s?

Each of us have these kinds of things in our lives – things we could give up if we simply set the intention to do so.

My Income Varies. How Do I Calculate How Much to Pledge?

Your pledge can be your promise of the minimum amount you will commit to St. John’s. If your income increases, you are welcome to increase your pledge. Please do not let a variable income prevent you from making a pledge.

How Do I Make a Pledge?

You can complete the pledge card offered in the Nave and drop it in the offertory plate or online.

What Payment Methods Does St. John’s Accept?

We welcome cash, checks, and via credit, debit, or ACH via the donate button at the top of this page. You can also contact your bank to see if they offer online bill pay service, which sends us a bank draft, or check in the mail.

For information on how to set up payment on the web, contact us at

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